From: Harshita Mishra
Date: October 5, 2017
Subject: <Action> SABA Director Position Application is now live!

Dear First Years,

I am excited and look forward to meeting all of you on October 8 at Rocco's at 8 pm for the SABA Kick-Off Event. Woohoo! You will see this word quite often in my emails to SABA. I am extremely passionate about this club and am proud of the current board members, who are hard-working, fun, and ah-mazing!

The entire SABA Board has put in a lot of thought regarding the director positions for this year. I have attached a pdf to this email, describing the primary responsibilities of each director. For any queries, please be free to reach out to the respective VPs or me as needed. 

Here is the link to the application: SABA BOARD DIRECTOR APPLICATION, 2017-18

A few key points:

  • We have a total of 7 director positions this year. 
  • The link expires on October 9, 7 pm PT.
  • Please put your anderson email address against the email id asked in the form.
  • There is no single data point that we would be looking into while filling the director positions. However, the "why you" question in the application would be a key data point factoring into the decision making process.
  • We will release the final names of this year's directors before Sundowners, October 11. 
  • If you face any technical problems while accessing or filling the application, contact VP of Technology, Aravinth Srinivasan. 
SABA President



  • DirectorPositions_SABA_details_2017-18.pdf