[OAC] San Onofre / Trestles Surf-a-looza

by Anderson Athletics


Fri, 18 May 2018

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, CA




Saddle up, fellow kooks. The OAC is headed to San Onofre where a veritable buffet of tasty waves are available to satisfy almost any appetite. This is going to be an all around beach day right next to some of the best waves in California. For the casual surfer wanting to sample some small nibbles, Churches offers a slow rolling wave that is oh-so-chill. The experienced wave-connoisseur will enjoy the faster, savory, A-frame peaks of Middles - and those with the most refined palettes can attempt to take a bite of the world renowned Lowers. Just don't mess up, because everyone else is sponsored.

Open to all levels of surfers (or newbies), or even if you want to just come hang out and beach it! Exact time, carpool, and rental details forthcoming based on conditions and tides. Stay tuned. Wax up. Unless you're on a foamy. In which case... don't wax up.

Point-Bro: Addison Devone, VP of Surfing and OAC ShredLord.

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