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What We Do

Networking: Help students to build relationships with the greater LA startup community (from startups to VCs)

Alumni: Engage the EA alumni community in LA and other communities Recruiting: Help students find internships as well as full time opportunities at startups across a variety of industries. Encourage the development of new student-led venture

Education: Foster education and entrepreneurial development through workshops and experiential programs. Educate on the new venture process, what a new venture is, and how students may start their own / join one newly formed

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Members Benefits

Membership to the Entrepreneur Association yields significant benefits for your personal and professional development. We will provide you with direct access to successful entrepreneurs , startups, venture capititalists, and potential partners in both the UCLA Anderson alumni community and the broader Los Angeles entrepreneurial ecosystem through regular dinners for eight, speaker series, ELabs workshops, and our flagship annual event, the crEAte conference. For a comprehensive list of event types, please visit the Anderson Club portal for more information and follow the ASA calendar for upcoming event dates. http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/clubs-and-associations/professional/entrepreneur-association-(ea) Members of the Entrepreneur Association are consistently successful when seeking investment during their time at Anderson through our strong connection to private investors in our alumni community. Together, EA and the Price Center facilitate formal opportunities for you to gain exposure to your growing businesses and you as a developing entrepreneur. Two primary examples are our annual Knapp Business Plan Competition and various fellowships provided through generous alumni and Anderson affiliates which provide essential early-stage capital for students. Even if you come to UCLA Anderson without a fully developed business idea, EA will coordinate workshops and mentorship programs so that you can take your idea from scratch to a completed business plan - not to mention the possibility of getting some funding to give you a real shot at starting your business. No matter what stage you are in your entrepreneurial career, EA will support you and will connect you to the right people and resoures to catalyze your business and entrepreneurial growth. Join EA and help us fulfill our vision to support UCLA Anderson as a global premier entrepreneurial hub.


Entrepreneur Association

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